My Heritage

What did you do in the war dad? part 3

Among the pictures my dad sent home to his father from Cologne, Germany in 1946 are significant number of pictures of bombed out Cologne. Wiki notes this: Cologne was one of the most heavily bombed cities in Germany during World War II. The bombing reduced the population by 95% and destroyed almost the entire city. […]

What did you do in the war dad? part 2

In the packet of pictures my dad sent home to his father from Germany (1946) were two of unusual size compared to the smaller pictures that were taken with whatever small cameras they had back then. Both pictures are of his military police unit and are interesting in their own right. The first one is […]

What did you do in the war dad? part 1

What did you do in the war dad? It was a question every boy my age asked his dad  in the 1950’s and 1960’s when the baby boom kids were old enough to ask their fathers about WW2. So, I asked my dad, “what did you do in the war?” He said, “well son, I […]

The “2nd German” 26th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry

The 2000 census shows that 53% of Wisconsin’s population claims some German ancestry. During the Civil War a number of regiments consisted primarily of soldiers of one nationality. The best example is probably the Irish Brigade consisting of New England Regiments. Because of the huge number of immigrants from German areas of Europe whole regiments […]

A Christmas Gift from Grandpa 1961

My grandfather died when I was only nine. He was fifty-nine. My memories of him are all pleasant. He was a kind man and I remember fondly sitting on his lap with my younger sister. We’d ask him for ice cream because our step-grandmother was a bit mean in our eyes and grandpa was the […]

My Viking Ancestors

Light-side Stuff One of  my great grandmothers was of German-Danish extraction (Flensburg, Schleswig-Holstein was Danish until 1864.) which means some of my ancestors looked like this fine fellow. Handsome don’t you think?

It’s the not your parent’s party anymore!

I came across the below video today and wanted to share it. I think it’s interesting on a number of levels. Here’s a few of my observations in no particular order. 1. This was the first TV presidential debate in 1960. It featured VP Richard Nixon and Senator John F. Kennedy. 2. I was only […]

From Pommern to Milwaukee 2

  Discovering Great-Grandparents_Roeder/Steldt Thus far I have been unable to uncover who my great-grandfather Frederick Roeder’s parents were nor have I been able to find his immigration record. Census records indicate he immigrated to America in 1875 making him about nine-years-old on arrival. One thing that I  have noted since starting genealogy is that birth […]

From Pommern to Milwaukee 1

One of my interests is genealogy and although I’ve looked into it here and there over the last 12 years I am still a beginner. I started to research my side of the family starting with my great-grandparents because I had a working knowledge of their names. On my dad’s side are the Roeders/Nehls. Here’s a […]

A Change of Plans

Did you ever have your day planned out and suddenly all bets are off and you discover much to your chagrin, your plans have changed? Well, it happened to me recently on a Sunday morning. Below is my journal entry from the day I got out of the hospital. Tuesday, July 24, 2012 7:11 AM A […]