President at the Bat

  Great Satire. Warning: Liberals have no sense of humor and will not find funny.  

Illinois vs Wisconsin

I haven’t posted anything political lately. The doctor said I needed to watch my blood pressure so I try not to ponder the fact we are on a rocket sled and headed for a cliff. Nevertheless, I figure the stuff that makes me smile can’t be too bad for the blood pressure so that explains […]

Chipmunks are Cute

Phase I-Back story So chipmunks are cute. They are also destructive little rodents. If we had more raptors around we’d have less destructive little rodents. But we don’t so we have to get rid of them some other way. The chipmunks undermining the foundation of our home in Oak Creek apparently are immune to rat poison. […]

G’pa’s iPad

This video is in German but you will not need a translation!


I’m sorry, but this is funny. Found it while researching for a Bible class I’m doing later this summer. “In the War Between the States the Army of the Cumberland surprised Confederate defenders (and their own officers!) by scrambling up Missionary Ridge (Chattanooga) and overrunning the enemy’s strong position. When Major General Phil Sheridan arrived […]

The Wilhelm Scream

Have you ever heard of the Wilhelm Scream? If not, you will after viewing this compilation. As a side note, look for the scenes from the 1954 movie “Them.” Back in the day, as a boy the big treat was to stay up late on Friday night and watch the Late Show with my dad […]

Things that Irritate Me, Again.

It’s been a while since I posted a “things that irritate me” post. The fact is these days I could probably publish something political everyday that irritated me and change the name of the blog accordingly. But here goes my top five political irritations as of late. 1. Apple bashing The New York Times is clearly in […]


This is personal trivia but here goes anyway. Way back in the days before INET or Facebook games, before Xbox and PlayStation and before pc games I had a M4 Sherman tank model that we used in tabletop war-gaming (1970’s). The models were hand-painted or air-brushed and we used pictures of the real thing from WW2 to detail the […]