American Civil War in 1\72 Scale

This is an experimental post as I work with pages on the blog site. I just want to see of it works.

Confederate Infantry hold a fence line

Forming a firing line

Two Squadrons of Union Cavalry

Union Infantry supported by an artillery section

A large Union Regiment moves up

The Confederates refuse their flank

South Carolina Infantry
Hampton’s Legion engages the 2nd US Cavalry
Union infantry support the cavalry

4 comments on “American Civil War in 1\72 Scale

    • Thanks for your support. Part of the reason I want to include “my other hobby” is to introduce readers to historical miniature wargames-the emphasis is on historical. I believe that when it’s done well it’s an art form. I’m also having trouble with Google’s Blogger where I maintain a blog dedicated to the hobby. It just makes sense to combine my history interests and hobby interests. Keep up your excellent work.

  1. It works – and it looks bloody great! Love the cavalry particularly.


    • Thanks Marvin. I had some misgivings about combining my interests but it seems most of my followers are at least ok with it and some are actually interested. BTW, your is a quality blog and inspirational. I like how you focus.

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