Note to My Blog Followers

I’ve made an effort to to combine my hobby blog with my History Stuff that Interests Me blog. Word Press makes it easy to import a blog but not actually let you list two separate blogs on the same blog site.

To do that I had to add a Category titled Last Man Club with a sub category titled Wargaming.

I’m a historical war gamer that seeks to recreate battles and skirmishes with model soldiers; sometimes called toy soldiers; sometimes called military miniatures. It all depends. I prefer model soldiers because it communicates the amount of work put into painting the models, preparing a game board, doing the research and so forth. 

It’s not child’s play although our goal is to have fun and enjoy one another’s company in a hobby that is truly connected to military history.

I recognize this is a slight departure from the general category of History and I also realize that perhaps many of you would not care to read posts on wargaming.

I simply want you to know that from time to time Last Man Club posts will turn up in your email or however you access my blog.

Thank you all for following my blog.

American Civil War Confederate gun and crew.

2 comments on “Note to My Blog Followers

  1. Wow look at the detail! I will look forward to seeing more

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