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Hicks Pasha Disaster Preview

My plan is to play out the destruction of the Hicks disaster in the Sudan on September 30. The pictures below are roughly the initial set-up for the hapless Egyptians. The savage attack by forty thousand screaming dervishes had smashed into the Egyptian column in the forest of Shaykan, Kordofan Province, in the western Sudan, […]

Telamon 225 BC DBA_BR_Mod

This is the fourth game in the series in which I am adapting a Command and Colors Ancients  (CCA)scenario to play with my modifications to DBA 1.0. The game was played on a 36″ by 36″ table. Converting the CCA game pieces to match elements in my DBA system was not exact but fairly close. […]

Who was Gunther Grunau?

Who was Gunther Grunau?

The above picture on the left shows Gunther Gronau at age 14 holding an American flag. The picture on the right shows Mr. Gronau in 1939. This side-by-side picture and most of the ones below appeared in the July 24th issue of Life Magazine. The pictures were not part of a feature article that Life […]