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Scenario: Operation Cobra in 1\72nd Scale

The scenario was based on the American break out operation from Normandy called Operation Cobra.  The scenario features elements of the 2nd SS Panzer Division Das Reich as they attempt to stop or at least slow down the American breakout.

The American force consisted of:

-3 M5 Stuarts
-9 M4 Shermans
-1 M4 Sherman (105mm)
-4 halftracks with a unit of infantry in each

The German force consisted of:

-3 units of infantry in the town or nearby
-1 Pak 40 (ATG) nearby
-1 StugIIIG in the town

-2 Pz IVh’s in support nearby
-1 halftrack with a unit of infantry nearby

The Americans sought to seize the crossroads and sweep behind the town. The Americans took the crossroads but got into a gun dual with the two hull down Pz. IV’s and lost.

Meanwhile the Germans lost the Pak 40 and one unit of infantry in the town but the Americans could not capitalize on their limited success as their remaining forces were too strung out.

The game was played by my two friends MS and JZ. The rules used are home grown. As usual MS took some excellent pictures of the game.

Never be in the lead tank!
Again, never be in the lead tank!
American armored infantry exit their track for a firefight.
Germans gunners work their Pak 40 and attempt to kill some Shermans.
German infantry block the way!
A better view of the blocking force.
Oh, oh! The StugIII ambushes a M4
A view from the town down the main road.
I suspect there is a kraut sniper in the tower.
Observing the advance and a hit scored on a American track
SS eyes are everywhere and the American advance is stymied. 

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