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Hood’s Texas Bridgade

In an army with many storied infantry brigades perhaps Hood’s Texas Brigade of the Army of Northern Virginia is the most renown. The brigade consisted of the 1st, 4th and 5th Texas and the 3rd Arkansas the only far west regiments in the A.N.V. Prior to Fredericksburg the brigade included the 18th Georgia and Hampton’s […]

The Illustrated London News, Oct. 17, 1914 and CH Collett

The Illustrated London News, Oct. 17, 1914 and CH Collett

This past summer I found what I consider an amazing find-a World War One copy of The Illustrated London News. It’s marked on the inside, Sante Fe Reading Room and somehow it made it to an obscure antique store in SW Wisconsin. I picked it up for the sum of $10.00. The Illustrated London News […]

Black Powder American Civil War

Here are some pics from a recent Black Powder ACW game. It’s my third game using the rules and I’m still getting used to the nuances but must say the game went well and I do like the rules as they reflect a Brigade\Regiment scale well in a fast moving game. The scenario featured the […]