MEM44 in 1\285th Scale Micro Armor

My son and I have been playing MEM44 since the game came out. For us it was a quick and easy war-game playable on a kitchen table with miniatures. We also enjoyed the card system is the drive engine for the game.

Well the other night we had the opportunity to convert MEM44 into a truer miniature game utilizing the 1\285th Micro Armor.

Our friend Mike suggested the idea. Mike had constructed a complete set of hexes (much larger than the ones on the MEM44 game board) plus trees, plus buildings, plus hedgerows and all the necessary miniatures to do a late war scenario as the Americans drove into Germany.

For the record the Germans won 7 medals to 6 for the Americans. The game went back and forth with neither side getting a decisive advantage. Finally, the Germans reached 7 medals and the game was over. A splendid time was had by all.

2 Panthers supported by infantry.
M4 Shermans
More Shermans
The famous 88mm
American Artillery
American Infantry approx 5mm in size.
Given the small size it’s hard to tell here what is going on but the Americans in the open are retreating past the Germans in the wood. A game like this provides an excellent bird’s eye view.
Destroyed house.
Two elite panzer units launched an assault.
German artillery
German Engineers hold a woods.
German infantry hold another woods.
German defenses. ATG unit on the right.
Hunting Panthers
SPA “Priest”
Sherman with the 76mm gun
Paper buildings of a village
Americans hold the other paper village (for a time anyway)
German engineers about to eliminate the American artillery in the paper village.This gave the Germans the win

2 comments on “MEM44 in 1\285th Scale Micro Armor

  1. That setup looks cool, Bruce!

  2. Thanks much. I'll pass that on to my friend.

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