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Dartnell’s Reconnaissance -A Zulu War Scenario

The idea for the scenario came from: VICTORIA’S BATTLESBOOK TWO: THE ZULU WAR, 1879 WARGAME RULES FOR GREAT BRITAIN’S 19TH CENTURY COLONIAL WARS by Frank Capotorto The rules used in the game were The Men Who Would Be Kings by Daniel Mersey and Osprey Publishing. Below is a screen shot of the scenario (although hard to see I admit). […]

Battlefield Action!

Battlefield Action!

In our storage unit I have a small collection of Classic’s Illustrated that somehow survived after 50 years. What has not survived was my collection of war comics from the 60’s. Back in the day every time dad went to a drugstore or some other outlet that had comic books I got one. I remember […]

MEM44 in 1\285th Scale Micro Armor

My son and I have been playing MEM44 since the game came out. For us it was a quick and easy war-game playable on a kitchen table with miniatures. We also enjoyed the card system is the drive engine for the game. Well the other night we had the opportunity to convert MEM44 into a […]