2nd Punic War DBA in 1\72nd

One of the things I like about DBA is that you do not need a lot of figures to do a game. One of the things I don’t like about DBA is that because you don’t need a lot of figures to do a game you lose the grandeur of a massive ancient battle. Nevertheless, DBA is a good place to start if you like to do a lot of small armies and then add to them when you want to upgrade to massive.

Here are two of my 2nd Punic War DBA armies-Polybian Romans and Carthaginians in 1\72nd plastics.

In our games the command stand is free so each army has 12 elements plus the command unit.

Gotta have a war elephant.
HAT figs
The war elephant is being supported by Iberian Infantry as two stands of velites try to bring down the elephant with javelins.
Two stands of Hastati are called in. Figs are HAT.
I read somewhere that Hannibal favored his Iberians and issued them with white tunics so I painted them accordingly.
Again HAT figures. 
Hannibal’s Iberian Cavalry. They could equally be Gaul or Liby-Carthaginian but in a basic DBA army you only get two stands and I picked Iberians. Figs by HAT.
In other sets of ancient rules Iberian Cavalry is divided into two categories differentiated by their shields with the smaller round shield types being of the light horse variety. In DBA it doesn’t matter so I mixed them up.
The famous Numidian Light Horse. Two stands allowed in a basic DBA list.
Hannibal’s veterans in Roman mail with the oval scutum type shield. The stand in the middle is the command stand and is from the HAT Carthaginian Command and Cavalry set. Figs are all HAT.
I think the veteran set is rare and a friend gave me 8 of his for the army. They were fun to paint!
Roman Triarii face off against the Veteran Libyans in Roman armor. Zama time!
The DBA Roman list for the period allows 6 stands of blades (Hastatus and Principes) and 2 stands of spears (Triarii) The figures are Zveda and quite nice.
Early Roman command unit prior to SPQR.
Carthage muse be destroyed! The Centurion with the vine rod is a nice touch. Figs by Zveda
The Carthaginian counterpart from the HAT command set. The shield designs are transfers from England and a pain to work with but they are designed for HAT and since I stink at shield designs quite useful.
We must avenge the 1st Punic War!
Roman Cavalry (Equites) Figs are a combination of  Italeri and Hat figs.
Celts by HAT. I love the fig with the Carnyx.
Gauls\Celts-enemies of Rome for centuries. The noise from the Carnyx was deafening as I understand it.
Last but not least Balearic slingers. One stand is allowed.

10 comments on “2nd Punic War DBA in 1\72nd

  1. Very nice armies! I've painted both about 20 years ago but only with the first Hät minis, yours are far better 🙂

  2. Wonderful figures Bruce, painting and basing are really superb…but I am a littl bit sad for this splendid elephant in the third picture, hope it'll be courageous!

  3. Well Phil, your current work is nothing short of marvelous. When I got back into painting 2 1/2 years ago I had not touched a brush in 20 years. I like Hat minis but the quality is mixed. Zveda and Italeri seem to be of the highest quality.

  4. Thank you Phil. The elephant no doubt will be remembered as a Hero of Carthage 😉

  5. Thanks Paul for stopping and the kind words.

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