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Airborne Units Crushed!

The following pictures are from the first battle of a campaign based on the old AH board game Anzio. In this scenario the Herman Goering Panzer Division pushed back elements of British and American AB units with heavy losses. Figures and models by MS and JZ. PAK Gun Panzer IV busts through cover. Armored onslaught! […]

The Cost

The Cost

I recently found a treasure trove of WW2 Life Magazines as well as a number of pre-war magazines for a marginal cost. The issue below caught my eye because it is dated July 19th, 1944 thirteen days after the Normandy Invasion which took place on June 6th, 1944. Life Magazines in the war years are […]

March or Die and the Khalifa’s Guards

A couple of colonial gaming units for The Men Who Would Be Kings rules. Painted by JZ March or Die! French Foreign Legion, 1890 Dervishes Mulazimyya bodyguards and friends Mulazimyya Rifles, organized in 1892 by the Khalifa. Semi regular shooter unit destroyed at Omdurman. The only somewhat uniformed “rub” in the Mahdist army.


Last week our little group did a colonial game using The Men Who Would Be Kings rules from Osprey. The game was an experiment since our only experience with colonial games was roughly 30 years when I tried a few games using The Sword and the Flame. When I reentered the world of historical wargaming […]

The Ghost Mountain Boys_Book Review

The Ghost Mountain Boys_Book Review

There is a roadside monument in my area dedicated to the 32nd US Infantry Division. The monument lists all the campaigns the 32nd fought in WW1 and WW2. The Battle for New Guinea  (Buna) is among the honors. The 32nd ID was a National Guard outfit recruited in Wisconsin and Michigan. Along with 17 other […]