Pictures from a Recent WW2_Battle for Minsk

I do not have a battle report to go with the pictures and hope you enjoy them none the less.

Models by MS and JZ on MS’s gaming table.

6 comments on “Pictures from a Recent WW2_Battle for Minsk

  1. Wow, wonderful close ups, outstanding pictures!

  2. Great looking game thanks for sharing

  3. Thank you Matt for the compliment and taking the time to comment. I pass these on to my friend who takes the pics and the two friends who game WW2 in 1/72nd.

  4. Outstanding looking game and scenery. Love the trees, they look the part – are they dry plants of some kind ?

  5. Thanks John. I believe the trees are made from dried weeds and branches. I think they are sprayed with something so they do not crumble. My friend (whose board all the WW2 games are played on) scratch builds a great deal. Another interesting feature is the trees do not have stands. He just sticks them into the game board and moves them around as needed. They leave a very small hole but it doesn't harm the game board surface in the least.

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