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Great War US Magazine Covers

Great War US Magazine Covers

  I stopped at a local antique store to buy my wife a Christmas present and found two World War One copies of The Literary Digest. Literary Digest Magazine was first  published in 1890 by Funk and Wagnalls. The final issue was in 1938. The magazine was a general interest magazine that featured the following […]

First to Fall: the American Volunteers who Gave their Lives for France

Originally posted on History & Lore of the Old World War:
One hundred years ago, by the Spring of 1915, a full two years before America’s declaration of war against Germany, hundreds of young American men were already serving in or near the front lines— as infantrymen in the French Foreign Legion, as aviators in…

Pictures from a Recent WW2_Battle for Minsk

I do not have a battle report to go with the pictures and hope you enjoy them none the less. Models by MS and JZ on MS’s gaming table.

Battle of Krasnick, August 23rd, 1914

Krasnik August 23rd, 1914 Type: Meeting Engagement Summary: This scenario is a composite and is bathtubbed, i. e. a battalion represents a division. The Battle of Krasnik was the first major contact between the Austrians and the Russians in Galicia. The Russian Fourth Army was marching southward without a cavalry screen. They were surprised to […]