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1\72nd Stalingrad

I found some pictures from two years ago of a Stalingrad layout my friend continues to work on. The pictures are samples of a solo game my friend was running for himself. The entire setup is from the collection of JZ. A StugIIIb supports German Infantry as they approach a building strongpoint. More German support […]

Misc WW2 Pictures from War-games

The pics are from the collection of blog contributor MS. Most feature his work.


Now for something completely different (Monty Python). I’m recovering from a foot fusion and am supposed to be non-weight bearing until December 1st. This is not helpful when our group usually gathers around a large table with a lot of figures. Friends to the rescue as one of them (JZ) brought over to my condo […]

Wargame Tank Busting Stuka

Here are some posed shots of a JU-87d in 1\72nd scale that is used in my friends WW2 Eastern Front Games.

A Hot Day in January 12, 1943

T-34s on the move! Editor Notes The report that follows was made by my friend MS one of the members of the Last Man Club. He and another member do a WW2 game about 2x per month. This was their latest. The scale is 1\72nd. The pictures below are captioned numbered to correspond with the […]

WW2 War Ads_ Veedol Motor Oil

WW2 War Ads_ Veedol Motor Oil

My July 26. 1943 issue of Life Magazine has yielded a harvest of great color advertisements and color illustrations that add to the stories in Life. I found this ad from Veedol Motor Oil to be interesting given the subject matter. As you can see it’s titled, “When Lighting Strikes a Messerschmitt.” The “Lighting” is […]