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Operation Totalize

On August 8,1944 the Allies launched their next offensive to drive the Germans back again.  Not waiting for the attack to begin Kurt Meyer of 12 SS pushed his units forward first.  With elements of the First Canadian Corps and the Northants Yeomanary the Allies were to seize the town of Cintheaux as the first […]

Early Imperial Roman Army for DBA in 22mm

DE BELLIS ANTIQUITAS SIMPLE FAST PLAY ANCIENT WAR-GAME AND CAMPAIGN RULES WITH ARMY LISTS WAR-GAMES RESEARCH GROUP MARCH 1990 So reads the cover of what is commonly known as DBA. One of my war-game buddies reintroduced me to DBA this summer utilizing his 6mm collection of Celts, Republican Romans, Sassanid Persians and Late Romans. We […]