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Dare-Devil Aces, Dec. 1940

Dare-Devil Aces, Dec. 1940

Awesome artwork is it not? My wife and I go to flea markets, rummage sales and antique stores as one of our shared interests. We do not buy much given that we live in a condo with limited space and our interests are narrow. This past Saturday we went to a flea market and I found a […]

Blast from the Past

If you read this blog then you probably know we are a group of older gamers that began gaming in High School in the late 60s. Back then all we had were Airfix figures and Minitanks. Some survive to this day. My friend JZ sent these two pics below for a trip down memory lane. […]

Zulu War in HO Scale

This is the start of my Zulu War Project I’m doing with a friend. For the most part we are using ESCI\Italeri and HAT plastics in 1\72 scale. Although some are mounted on single stands the organization will be from Black Powder and the Zulu War Supplement. I also may make The Sword and the […]

The Cumberland Clerk of Clark Field

Originally posted on The American Warrior:
Confession: Part of the perils of conducting archival research far from home is that I get easily distracted. I’ll be plowing through piles of government documents looking for nuggets relevant to my next book, then I’ll stumble across an insanely cool story that I can’t help but to track…