German Postcards WW1

I picked these two repro postcards up at a gun show from a fellow who deals in militaria.

The cards are typical of the type used by most of the major powers in WW1.

The soldier at the front would send one of these to his wife or sweetheart to remind her of his love and how much he missed her. Too often the soldier did not come home. As we can see from the first card sometimes the wife or sweetheart would do the sending.

The second card captures the patriotism and a bit of the romantic notions some soldiers had of the war. By 1918 I’m sure most German soldiers did not entertain such notions.

These two are typical of the German postcards. See the translations by my friend Brittany C. in the mid section.



Standing in the darkness of midnight
So alone during the silent watch
Then I think of my distant love
And whether he remains lovingly true.


And so I will bravely fight
And if I should suffer (experience) death
Then dies a a true (honest) knight (soldier?)

As a side note two soldiers below appear to be Uhlans-German Cavalry.


2 comments on “German Postcards WW1

  1. Interesting. Must have cost you a pretty penny too, eh?

    • No, they are repros and the guy was reasonable. I’ve dealt with him before and he is always willing to bundle and deal. Thanks for stopping by GP.

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