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ACW in 6mm

Unfortunately, I lost the battle report and do not remember what happened and when it happened other than to say it was a resounding Confederate victory based on incidents on the second day of Gettysburg.
The game was a division level fight that centered around the fields in the upper portion of the first picture below. The rules were On to Richmond. The game was a great time.
The players were JZ and MS while I was the combat photographer. 
The captions will tell some of the story. Enjoy the pics. 
Union Brigades reinforcing the Union right.
Confederate massed battery that dominated the field.
Nice view of the Confederate massed artillery on the high ground while attack brigades move up.
Another view of the Union right with a column moving up the road.
Much of the fighting would center around the pictured fields. 
Nice view of some of the excellent terrain.
I was experimenting with top views. Union Brigade with a supporting battery.
Union brigade column with a supporting artillery battery.
I like this top view of the concentrated Confederate artillery.
Top view of a Confederate brigade.
Union column in top view.
Confederates mass for an advance on the fields.
Taken early in the game it shows the scope of the game.
Fire Fight heating up
Union brigades rebuilding after being pushed back.
Fire fight was hard and fierce. The Rebs would prevail.
Union right was pushed back to the game board edge.
Union battle line! Hurrah!
Extreme Union right.

One comment on “ACW in 6mm

  1. What a great looking game! Beautiful terrain and minis…

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