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Gumbinnen 3

The Battle of Gumbinnen #3 was the final battle in a three battle campaign that broke the historical battle into three parts. Victory was determined in each sub-battle by determining objectives held or taken while factoring in attrition. The three battles were further experiments as I developed a set of rules called MEM14, a take […]

The Sudan in 6mm

Scene from a recent SWHC game.  Mahdist cavalry and camelry swarm British and Egyptian lancers.  6mm Heroics and Ros. Figures by JZ

ACW in 6mm

Unfortunately, I lost the battle report and do not remember what happened and when it happened other than to say it was a resounding Confederate victory based on incidents on the second day of Gettysburg. The game was a division level fight that centered around the fields in the upper portion of the first picture […]

The British have got Tanks!

The British have got Tanks!

“A wounded man from the 7th Company approached us from the right and gasped a few heavily charged words. ‘The British have got tanks!’ A cold shiver ran down my spine; the effect of this information on the morale of my men was plain to see. they. who had just been pouring scorn on the […]

Who was Lincoln’s Lion?

Originally posted on The Casemate Blog:
? La Salle native and 1965 graduate of La Salle-Peru Township High School, James Huffstodt of Tallahassee, Fla., is the author of a recently released biography of one of Illinois’s most heroic Civil War generals who was also a personal protégé of President Abraham Lincoln. “Lincoln’s Bold Lion: The…