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Battle of Gumbinnen_2

The pictures below were taken at the second planned game of the Battle of Gumbinnen in 1914 in East Prussia that we are recreating on the tabletop. The first entry and explanation for the rules and how the first game went can be found here…Battle of Gumbinnen_1 Inspiration and organization for the battle came from […]

Grossvater, ist sie? (Grandfather, is this you?)

Grossvater, ist sie? (Grandfather, is this you?)

Gravelotte-St. Privat was the largest battle in the Franco-Prussian War (1870-71). It involved nearly 200,000 Germans and just over 100,000 French. ┬áIt was fought August 18, 1870. The battle was fought fives years after the conclusion of the American Civil War and in that time advances in weaponry had made the old style Napoleonic tactics […]

Southern Russia, June, 1942_1

This game was part of a three part series played out be contributors MS and JZ. Report and pictures by MS. Southern Russia, June 1942 Following the failed Russian May Offensive to retake Kharkov, the German Army is again pushing east, taking advantage of weakened Russian forces.  The (10 turn) game, is the spear head […]

35th VA Cavalry Battalion

Although my ACW units can be generic for game purposes I do like to paint them up with a particular unit in mind. In this case I painted up 22mm ACW Musket Miniatures as the 35th Virginia Cavalry Battalion. The inspiration for the unit came from my reading of ACW Quarterly and the 35th’s participation […]