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Action at Casa Berardi, Italy December 1943

On September 20th the Last Man Club fought another battle in the 1943 Sicilian Campaign. The scale of the models and infantry was 1\72. Battle Report by JZ After failing to pierce the German defensive lines to their direct front the 1st Canadian Division was ordered to send a recon in force up a ravine […]

A British Regiment Marches to War 1914

A British Regiment Marches to War 1914

This postcard is the most expensive I’ve ever purchased at $11.00. It is unique in my limited experience and I could not let it go. The card is not dated but given the subject matter I’d estimate the date of publication to be 1914 at the start of the Great War in Europe. The front […]

Confederate Artillery Battery 1861

The battery is part of my ACW Hampton’s Legion project. The infantry component was featured here. I wanted to achieve an early war-militia type look for these Confederates. I read in Troani’s ACW prints on militia and volunteers where South Carolina had a store of red kepis for the artillery batteries that the state raised-hence, […]