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WW1 Russian Artillery

This series of pictures features my Russian Divisional Artillery for our games. The rules we use for our WW1 games are derived from MEM44 developed by Richard Borg and available through Days of Wonder. Mr. Borg gave permission to Gregory Privat to develop a variant titled MEM14. The adaptation was unofficial and was available for […]

Eastern Front in 1/72 Part III

Eastern Front in 1/72nd Part III features the majority of the Russian armor involved in the game. The scenario was early war so the majority of tanks were BT-7s on the Russian side. The BT-7 was the main battle tank of the Soviet Army and 2,000 were lost in the first 12 months of the […]

Eastern Front in 1/72nd Part II

The game mentioned in the post titled Eastern Front 1/72nd Part I featured a number of infantry units although I only have pictures of some of the Russians. The figures pictured are all from the collection of JZ. The game was played on MS’s finely crafted wargame table and the pictures are from the actual […]