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Woodrow Wilson, America’s Great War President

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My Take

One hundred years ago today World War One began. The President of the US in 1914 was Woodrow Wilson.

http://www.rymaszewski.iinet.net.au/3maps.html http://www.rymaszewski.iinet.net.au/3maps.html

Woodrow Wilson was a committed Christian from a Presbyterian background. It was not a secret that his faith guided his politics.

Wilson’s best known for a couple of things.

First, he kept the US out of World War One for about 2 1/2 years.

Wilson was an idealist and a post-millennialist, meaning he believed that the church would usher in 1000 year reign of Christ on earth, a reign of peace. He thought of himself as an instrument toward that end. Wilson’s views coincided with the isolationist views of many Americans-Americans who wanted nothing to do with what they saw as European dynastic squabbles linked to the various empires.

Wilson probably would have succeeded in keeping the US out of the war indefinitely had it not been for two things.

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