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Two brave French aviators – Boelckes 5th victory

It was not unusual in WW1 to show respect to one’s enemies. This is an excellent example.

Gott mit uns - Historical Consultancy


This photo turns up in German albums once in a while. It shows a magnificent grave/memorial to/for two French aviators that were killed in action on 16 October 1915.
They were shot down by Germany’s first fighter ace Oswald Boelcke, a national hero during the war, and the youngest captain in the German air force. Decorated with the Pour Ie Merite while he was still only a lieutenant and with 40 aerial victories at the time of his death, he became known as the father of the German fighter force. His fifth aerial victory was scored over a French Voisin LAS two-seater of VB110 over Saint-Souplet-sur-Py. After crashing on German held ground the crew was buried with full military honors at Sommepy-Tahure communal cemetery. The burial and the memorial stone was paid for by Boelcke himself.


For some reasons, maybe due to the condition of the bodies after the crash, the…

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