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Afghanistan, Graveyard of Empires_The Ninth Company

Afghanistan, Graveyard of Empires_The Ninth Company

There is one thing about laid up with an injury for a period of time-it provides opportunity to watch your stacked up movies on your Netflix list. So it was one recent Saturday when I finally got to watch the 2005 release of The Ninth Company a Russian production about a paratroop company that served […]

The Destruction of Herod’s Temple

Originally posted on My Take:
The picture of the coin is from a historical\archaeological blog I subscribe too. The coin is called a Bar Kockhba coin. Bar Kockhba led a Jewish revolt against the Romans (reign of Hadrian) in 132-136 A.D. The Romans won and the result was many Jews were disbursed throughout the Roman…

The Hero of the Siege of Delhi

The Hero of the Siege of Delhi

Sometimes when you have too many books you forgot what you’ve bought only to find one lying about later. Such was the case with At All Costs-Stories of Impossible Victories by British historian Bryan Perrett. I had purchased the book at a used book store and laid it on the shelf and forgot about it […]

Brown Water Navy Monitor

The other day at a funeral luncheon I met a representative from the DAV (Disabled American Veterans). He was also a Vietnam War veteran so naturally I took the opportunity to do a brief interview and he was more than willing to oblige me. As it turns out he was part of the Brown Water […]

John Haslet, killed in action at Princeton

Haslet’s 1st Delaware Regiment of Continentals was one of the finest in the Revolutionary War. John Haslet was a clergyman and an excellent officer.

History for 2015

Like most book geeks I have a wish list on Amazon for the benefit of those wishing to bless me with books. So, this year I received two books from the list plus a third not on the list. All three dealt with the Revolutionary War. Two deal with the British side of the American […]