3 comments on “Rules of Engagement

  1. All of our troops have been over there far too long – I can not understand judging a damn thing they do – until you go thru it yourself! (pardon my language)

  2. sorry. I’m not of age any longer, But I would never knowingly join the service to fight for this country with one hand tied behind my back under these scummy R.O.E. The military is playing roulette with my life, while the enemy fights unrestrained? F’ck the need to acquire the goodwill of the “host” nation. This country has gone mad in where it sends it’s brave soldiers and the rules they suffer under. Besides that, we have no business in ground operations in Afghanistan. Since antiquity, no power has EVER successfully subdued the area for long. The Soviets even got their asses kicked. If we must neutralize Taliban, do it only with air, cluster bombs, drones, whatever. Being Karzai’s lackey is insane. Afghanis have turned on our military in our own bases. Afghanis are not to be trusted.

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