Pictures that have interested me

Some pics that I grabbed from various sources for various reasons. ( I’m publishing from a tablet and curious as to how this will turn out!)


German Me-110


German Panther tank modified to look like American M-10 Tank Destroyer, Battle of the Bulge


American Shermans


Highland Regiment, unsure of date, maybe Crimean War?


American National Guard bicycle troops, 1892


British troops, Zulu War, 1879


Warning sign from the Pacific War, New Guinea, I think the skulls would be Japanesse.


Barbarossa June 22nd, 1941


Trench warfare WW1, British or Commonwealth troops


Touching card WW1

2 comments on “Pictures that have interested me

  1. Pictures have come out well on both my laptop and tablet. Certain that the Highlanders are from the Crimean War.

    • Thought so. I think I got it from Nick Britten but then thought it might be one of the numerous wars in Afghanistan. I think the only reason I have twitter is to acquire interesting pictures.

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