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Heh, I’m pretty sure Oswald was a Marxist

I was ten the day Kennedy was assassinated. I remember the day and following days clearly. I was in fifth grade at a Catholic school when the Mother Superior came on the public address system (know to us the PA!). She informed us what happened and our teacher dragged out the TV and turned it […]

Colloborators, Snipers and 88s! Yank Magazine_July 16th 1944

Yank Magazine, July 16th 1944 British Edition Feature: With the Forward BattalionĀ  by Sgt. Walter Peters, Yank Staff Correspondent There were four days on the road to Cherbourg when everything seemed to happen-catching spies, hunting snipers, ducking the “incoming mail” and generally fighting a tough war.” Heading paragraph The first vignette Sgt. Peters discusses has […]