Spot the Error WW2 Geeks

I’ve watched this great video a number of times and didn’t catch the error. The video is titled Massive German Counterattack at Anzio on YouTube and for the most part looks like  scenes are from the Italian Front if not Anzio in particular.

But, I’m feeling a little smug right now because at 3:10 or so a Panther tank is firing and in the next frame around 3:11 a burning T-34 is featured. I’m pretty certain the Russians didn’t give us lend-lease T-34s although they might have been an improvement over our Shermans.

It’s still a great video but I get a cookie for spotting the error!

My award for spotting the error. It's the only one left ;-)

My award for spotting the error. It’s the only one left 😉

4 comments on “Spot the Error WW2 Geeks

  1. A cookie per error? Hmmm….I think I will find all sorts of errors (whether they are or not!).

  2. I suspect that I wouldn’t have noticed the T34 unless you’d pointed it out. The big railway gun is presumably either Anzio Annie or the Anzio Express, officially known as Krupp K5 guns. The US Army Ordnance Museum has one of them, but it may not be one display at the moment, as the museum is in the process of moving from the Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Maryland to Fort Lee in Virginia.


    • Yes, I’ve watched it many times usually to id the equipment but never caught the T-34 till recently. Interesting about Anzio Annie. I have a picture somewhere of Americans all lined up on the barrel of that monster! Thanks for stopping by Martin.

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