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General Butt-Naked or General Preacher?

From my other blog, Church, State, Faith and Culture

My Take

I admit that the title of this blog post is an attention grabber but it’s not sensationalism or something I made up.  The General’s nick-name when he was a Liberian warlord was General Butt-Naked and now he’s a preacher.

Liberia is a tiny country on the western coast of Africa. The name of the country means “land of liberty” and the people speak English, but not because it was an English colony. The people speak English because Liberia was an American colony (of sorts) started by freed slaves sent back to Africa by the American Colonization Society in the early 19th century. The capital of Liberia is Monrovia named in honor of James Monroe who was President of the US when the country was founded in 1820.

The country was dominated by the descendants of the original freed slaves and were called Americo-Liberians. A military coup over-threw the ruling…

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