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I’d like to call attention to this outstanding military history blog.

Picture Post Ads 1943_Wartime Rationing

Picture Post Ads 1943_Wartime Rationing

One of the “fun” aspects in paging through wartime magazines like the Picture Post is reading the advertisements. Many have a wartime flavor to them which is no surprise. But what is interesting to me is the sacrifice being made to win the war. We think it’s a hardship to run out of coffee when […]

Picture Post 1943_Auxiliary Territorial Service

It’s always fun to find something history related that you don’t know anything or much about-at least it is for me! Such was the case when my wife and visited an antique mall in Tomah, Wisconsin. One vendor had a massive amount of paper products, mostly old magazines and ads. One bin was marked “military” […]

Julian the Apostate_Gods and Legions

Gods and Legions is about a late Roman Emperor by the name of Julian. He was a bit of a military genius and won a smashing victory against the Alamanni (A Germanic super-tribe) invading Gaul in 357 A.D. while heavily outnumbered. Julian was also a bit of an anomaly. He reversed the Roman State religion […]

New Guinea Warning to take your Atabrine

I came across this picture and it reminded me of wife’s late father’s memories of New Guinea. He served in New Guinea in late 1943, early 44 if memory serves me. He told about playing cards with the Aussies and serving in an Army hospital as a tech. While there he contracted dengue fever that […]

US Navy’s Rat Patrol

When my wife and I visited the Russell Road Military Museum I found a number of vehicles that I could not immediately identify. One of them was what appeared to be a dune buggy with US Navy markings. I wondered what possible use could the US Navy have for these small vehicles. They looked like […]

Mind Boggling Military Hardware Museum in Illinois_1

I finally took the time to visit the Russell Road Museum. The Russell Road Museum is a private enterprise devoted to preserving military hardware from the WW2 era to the present. The museum sits on the border between Wisconsin and Illinois but officially is in Illinois, but not by much! The museum was previously in […]

Bravo Veterans

Originally posted on My Take:
The World War 2 Memorial in Washington D.C. The caption, A Grateful Nation Remembers” is appropriate. Whatever political differences the country had at the time, the country came together and helped win WW2. The Memorial recognizes the over 400,00 casualties the US suffered in that war. A grateful nation responded…