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M3 Halftrack Memorial to 45th Infantry Division in Illinois

We took a drive yesterday into Illinois and came across a M3 Halftrack with a twin AA mount. It was a memorial to the 45th Infantry Division and was parked on a VFW Post located on the Wisconsin\Illinois border. The 45th Infantry Division was a Oklahoma National Guard unit mobilized early for the war. But, […]

Victory at Yorktown_Book Review

Victory at Yorktown The Campaign That Won The Revolution By Richard M. Ketchum October 19th, 1781-a British Army under Major General Lord Cornwallis marched out of their entrenchments at Yorktown Virginia and surrendered to General George Washington commanding the American forces and to Lieutenant General de Rochambeau commanding the French. The Revolutionary War would go […]

Frog goes out in a blaze of rocket-fueled glory

Originally posted on The Cotton Boll Conspiracy:
File this under “One small step for man, one whale of a ride for a frog.” The above image of a frog flying through the air (see two-thirds of the way up, on the left) during the launch of a Minotaur V rocket on Sept. 6, at the Wallops/Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport in…

Tito’s Army_Yank Magazine

Yank Magazine March 3rd, 1944, No Edition listed, Cover photo A Nurse Digs South of Rome (addressed to NCCS-USO, 170 W. Michigan Ave, Battle Creek, MI) PART TWO Each issue of Yank Magazine had at least two or three of what we’d call feature articles as well as smaller articles and special features. I can […]

Remembering Two 9/11’s

Originally posted on My Take:
Eleven years ago today my dad and I went fishing. He was retired and I was pastoring a small church in the Milwaukee area. One of the upsides in pastoring that church is that I could see my aging parents once a week. Dad like to shore fish and sometimes…

Found : Colonel Joshua Chamberlain’s Medal Of Honor

Originally posted on YouViewed/Editorial:
Medal of Honor Belonging To Civil War General Joshua Chamberlain Is Discovered Hidden In Old Book At CHURCH SALE ” The medal of honor presented to Joshua Chamberlain for his role in the Battle of Gettysburg has been returned to the Civil War General’s hometown after being found at a…

Yank Magazine_Mar.3_1944

As time allows I will read and comment on the articles I find in the stash of Yank Magazines that I bought at an antique mall. This is the first. Note that the pictures in the post are not necessarily from Yank. Yank Magazine March 3rd, 1944, No Edition listed, Cover photo A Nurse Digs […]

Poison Gas and Syria

Recently I toured the National Museum of World War One in Kansas City, Missouri. It was a grim reminder that poison gas was first used in the conflict to break the trench warfare stalemate. This link to Wiki shows the interesting and tragic use of poison gas during that war and what it meant in […]

Flying Under Two Flags-An Ex-RAF Pilot in Israel’s War of Independence_book review

I had been aware that Israel had a few ME-109G’s in Israel’s War of Independence in 1948-49 but I had no idea how they got there. In a FB chat a friend tuned me into Mr. Levett’s book and lent it to me. From the first page to the last the book was interesting which […]