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Feldpost – A letter from the Eastern Front, June 1942

I’ve found that soldiers from every country tend to share the same concerns, same misconceptions and same disillusionment from combat. In other words, very human whatever the nationality. These letters have been translated by my friend Rob. Thanks Rob for your hard work in preserving the letters and preserving,

Gott mit uns! German Military History 1848-1945

A couple of weeks ago I acquired a collection of letters dating from World War 2. There are billions of similar letters around, but these are special. We are looking at the correspondence of two brothers. One, Walther, is a young professional soldier who his trying hard to become an officer (finally getting his promotion in January 43). The other is Theo, a student in a German grammar school, who aches to finish school to be able to become a soldier aswell and to follow in the footsteps of his elder brother. The whole correspondence ends in September 1943. A check with the Volksbund database tells us why. Walther is missing since October 1943, his body has never been found.

The brothers speak openly about their fears, their wishes and their dreams and whereas the younger brother is working hard to become a soldier and an officer himself, his elder…

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