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The Medium is the Message

Interesting article today popped up on Drudge that linked to The Holly Reporter. The article gave information as to how Hollywood helped Hitler and the Nazis after the Nazis rise to power in 1933 The “little story” is how for business purposes Hollywood caved to Nazi pressure to show Nazism (and Germany) in a favorable […]

The Art in Money (Imperial German Reichsmark)

I don’t collect money except for a few odds and ends but I found this bank-note interesting. I found it in a local antique mall and paid $7.00 for it. It’s a 20 Mark note (about $4.00 US dollars in 1914) from Imperial Germany dated February, 1914, about 6 months before the start of World […]

Wayside Park Remembering Wisconsin Veterans

There are a number of roadside memorials on the highways and byways of Wisconsin roads. Most are small and at best have a place to park and a picnic bench or two where you can enjoy your lunch off the highway. One of the larger ones I’ve seen is located near our new condo in […]

Back to the Future-Going Pagan in the UK and Europe

Originally posted on My Take:
In the History Channel’s surprisingly successful series, Vikings, there is a scene where Ragnar’s brother Rollo is baptized. Rollo is baptized for pragmatic reasons much to the amusement of his fellow Vikings who know Rollo has no intention of abandoning the old gods or Viking ways. The scene reminded me…

Atheist Chaplains???

Originally posted on My Take:
I few weeks I posted the story of James Caldwell, a Revolutionary War Chaplain who handed out hymnals written by Issac Watts during a Revolutionary War battle. The goal was to supply paper wading to the Continental Infantry who were engaged in a fire fight with British Regulars. The Continentals…

What can we learn from Horst Wessel?

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Who was Horst Ludwig Wessel? Horst was a German political activist killed in 1930. He was only twenty-three years old at the time.  30,000 people attended his funeral and a high government official gave a stirring eulogy. Horst was the son of a Lutheran minister and was known for his…

Empire of the Summer Moon

Empire of the Summer Moon: Quanah Parker and the Rise and Fall of the Comanches, the Most Powerful Indian Tribe in American History by S.C. Gwynne My rating: 5 of 5 stars About a month ago I watched the prequel to the Lonesome Dove series-Comanche Moon. I would rate the three-part series 3 out of […]

Give them Watts Boys-the Rev. James Caldwell

Originally posted on My Take:
With Independence Day just around the corner I thought I’d tell the back story of how a hymnal became paper wading for muskets during a Revolutionary War battle. Isaac Watts was an English churchman who wrote a hymnal that was later published by Ben Franklin. The most familiar hymn in…

Day One Gettysburg, Iron Brigade Tribute

On this day in history, July 1st, 1863, the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia met the Union Army of the Potomac at the small town of Gettysburg. Union Cavalry held up the initial Confederate advance until the Union First Corps could come up to reinforce them. First of the scene was the 1st Brigade of […]