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The old gods are the new gods

I enjoyed the historical connection in this post from my other blog, Church, State, Faith and Culture.

My Take

The Greeks who worship the ancient gods.

The above link goes to the BBC News. It’s an interesting story about modern-day Greeks that worship the old gods. Some of the worshipers even dress up in period costumes much like a re-enactor would.

The intriguing line to me was “These people consider Greece to be a country under Christian occupation.”

The “these people” refers to those Greeks who worship what the ancient gods represent to them. They do not believe literally in a Zeus or an Athena or Ares.  Instead they worship characteristics that the gods may represent such as beauty, courage, health or wisdom.

The “Christian occupation” refers to the Greek Orthodox Church, the church 98% of Greeks are born and baptized into.

The Orthodox Church, not unexpectedly, takes a dim view of those who worship the old gods even in an idealistic form.

When I read the article my…

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