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Pomp and Circumstance India and Pakistan Style

India and Pakistan both achieved independence from Great Britain in 1947. Since that time they have fought three wars. Today both countries are nuclear powers and keeping the peace in the future is not a given.

Apparently, there is only one major border road crossing between the two countries. Each day, both sides celebrate the closing of the border in a unique stylized ceremony performed by members of each country’s military.

The strutting movements, shouting and posturing all mean something as each side seeks to out perform and impress the other.

For example, during tense relations between the two countries the kicks tend to be higher and are often accompanied by taunts. During less stressful times the kicks are lower, there are no taunts and performance seems to be more important than insult.

Thousands of people gather on each side to lend their vocal support to their side. Some have compared the event to a Cricket match given the enthusiasm of the crowds.

Thanks to my friend J.P. who sent me the link. Enjoy!

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