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Late to the Party – WW2 Ended Before These Jets Could See Action

Originally posted on Military History Now:
The war ended before the XP-83 could see service. Had the Second World War continued into 1946, it’s almost certain that the fight for the skies over Europe and the Pacific would have been dominated by a whole new generation of combat aircraft — jets. Already by mid-1944, RAF…

What is Pluralism and its Application to Islam?

Originally posted on My Take:
Through my other blog that is titled, History Stuff that Interests Me, I have made some friends around the world and some of them are from Western Europe that like the US have significant Moslem populations. Today one fellow blogger, an American who is married to a German and lives…

What did you do in the war dad? Part 7_Liege

Although my dad spent most of his overseas duty with the 504th Military Police Bn. he was first assigned to the 707th Military Police Battalion headquartered in Brussels, Belgium after the war. Among my dad’s pictures that he sent home are 16 on the same kind of paper. Two are marked, “Liege, Belgium” and the […]

Old English Lord’s Prayer (Anglo-Saxon)

The Lord’s Prayer in Old English Related articles OLD ENGLISH: Battle of Brunanburh Poem (937 AD) (

The Kaiser’s Pirate Ship – The Astounding Voyage of the SMS Emden

The Kaiser’s Pirate Ship – The Astounding Voyage of the SMS Emden.

What did you do in the war dad? Part 6_Giessen

Dad spent most of his tour of duty in Cologne, Germany in 1946. For a time his unit, or at least a portion of it, was transferred to Giessen, Hesse, Germany. Giessen is smaller than Cologne and is located about 50-60 miles SE of Cologne and about 15 miles north of Frankfurt. Frankfurt would host […]