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A Doctor’s House of Horrors and Social Darwinism

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A Doctor’s House of Horrors and Social Darwinism

One of the things I enjoy about World Magazine are the reviews. Movies, music and books are reviewed in each issue and while I cannot possibly read all the books reviewed the reviews do give me an idea of what’s new and what might I want to read.

Sometimes the reviews just provoke thought. Such was the case with Marvin Olasky’s (World’s Editor in Chief) Darwin and Beyond a review of Paul Johnson’s; A Portrait of Genius, a biography.

Olasky writes; [Darwin was a man] who brilliantly observed micro evolution within species of plants and animals, but reached too far by theorizing macro-evolution that he had not witnessed. And then parenthetically, (Darwin then went too far in theorizing about man-and by doing so provided fodder for racists and anti-Semites.)

Darwin observes micro evolution and makes a significant contribution…

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