The Bull and the Cobra: Typhoon Cobra

Great post from my friend J.G.


18 December 1944. The Philippine Sea. Under Admiral William “Bull” Halsey Task Force 38 steamed for a rendezvous point where they would meet up with Task Force 30.8 (refueling) and Task Force 30.7 (anti-submarine “guard” for TF 30.8). TF 38 would refuel before returning to the Philippines to assist General Douglas MacArthur.

Swirling over the sea, something was taking shape. It was thought that whatever it was, it would head in another direction—away from TF 38. On December 17 the weather began kicking up. Winds would later reach speeds of over 100 mph while large waves washed over decks. Ships were tossed around like toothpicks. At the time task forces didn’t know they were sailing straight into a typhoon.

To complicate matters some vessels were running very low on fuel and riding high in the water. When the three groups arrived at the rendezvous point the troubles were only just beginning. In attempts to…

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4 comments on “The Bull and the Cobra: Typhoon Cobra

  1. Sad event. Good thing it wasn’t any worse.

    Thanks for reblogging.

  2. More stuff I didn’t know.

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