OLD ENGLISH: Battle of Brunanburh Poem (937 AD)

I haven’t had much time to write lately but have found a couple of interesting links.

This one fascinated me. It’s basically a poem recited in Olde English. The poem commemorates a battle that was fought between the Wessex Saxons (the old English speakers) and the Scots, Picts and Vikings in 937 AD.

Linguistics is not something I know very much about but subject interests me.

The Wessex Saxons were Germanic in origin. They wrestled much of Britain from the Roman0-Celts in King Arthur’s day. Their language, what we call old English is clearly German sounding and if you listen carefully you can see the evolution of certain words into modern English.

Fascinating to me anyway.

The video is posted on You Tube by The Raven and the Wolf. It’s connected with a series of novels by Christopher Spellman.

4 comments on “OLD ENGLISH: Battle of Brunanburh Poem (937 AD)

  1. Our counties are still named after the different Saxons…Sussex (South Saxons) Middlesex (Middle Saxons) Essex (East Saxons)….Saxon places names all over the South East of England

    • One of the 10,000 things I find fascinating about Britain. So much rich history. I’ve read that many places in the north have Scandinavian place names due to the Danelaw.

  2. […] OLD ENGLISH: Battle of Brunanburh Poem (937 AD) (broeder10.wordpress.com) […]

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