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Regardless of what I write I want to have a sound bibliology and sound theology behind it. At this time of year it is common to have the biblical truth of the virgin birth attacked. This is an excellent blog from an excellent teacher on why the attacks do not hold water.

Missional Meanderings

I am guessing this title will draw hoards of people to the blog.  Nothing gets the blood pumping like a discussion, no matter how short, on the doctrine of bibliology.  Why, the WordPress dictionary doesn’t even know what it is and tries to change it to “biology,” which is probably some latent atheistic, evolutionary programming trick.  Of course it doesn’t have “wordpress” in the dictionary either so they may just be a tad dumb.

Well, enough of an introduction.  I want to give a quick observation about the nature of the bible, from a biblically conservative perspective.  Doug Wilson has penned a great article on the necessity of the virgin birth of Christ.  It is a great article that is easy to read due to his great skill as a wordsmith.  I want to quote his opening paragraphs before going on:

You don’t need to be a Bible reader to…

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