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There Oughta be a Law

Law. Without law there would be chaos. Law sets boundaries. If you chose to go beyond the boundary of law there will be consequences.

The simplest illustration of this is that of a speed limit. If you choose to exceed the speed limit by “x” mph you run the risk of being nabbed by the law. The fact that so many of us exceed speed limits is because we have little respect for “that” law and/or we think we can get away with it without getting nabbed.

The law then is instructive. The law informs. It says that if you do not respect it there could be consequences.

The law is also supposed to protect something. Traffic laws are supposed to protect the people who use the roads. Carelessness or disrespect for traffic laws often has serious consequences and people often die or are seriously injured.

Who is to blame if a traffic law is disrespected and there are fatal consequences?

The road?

The vehicle?

The driver or drivers?

Or perhaps the government is to blame because the law was not severe enough in consequence?

Or just maybe it was the person who is to blame either through carelessness or a disrespect for the law the accident happened? No, that cannot be it.

Not in the USA.

Too many vehicles we are told. They are to blame. Too many vehicles that go way to fast. If we had more laws that made vehicles go slower we’d have fewer fatalities.

Or better, perhaps we should ban all vehicles and get everyone to buy a bicycle. It works in China. Or, just have buses or trains. The government will buy trains and buses and pass more laws to make people buy bicycles for their personal transportation. And we’ll tax the rich more so everyone can get a bicycle (probably made in China).

Yes. we will make more law to make people more responsible.

And it will work, except for the people who do not respect the law or are careless or think they can get away with something.

And that in turn will create even more law to make people more responsible and more dependent on a savior government.

And that is exactly where we are headed.

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