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Really? Hamas Rockets no big deal

MSNBC: Hamas Rockets Actually Don’t Do That Much Damage You Know

One of the things we hear from President BO is that “Israel has the right to defend itself.”

It sounds nice but the statement is full of subtleties.

For example, while the US and UK (and others) are for Israel defending itself they are not so keen on Israeli ground forces pushing into Gaza in order to push back or destroy the sites from which Hamas launches rockets.

An Israeli response like that is thought to be “disproportionate” to the rocket attacks and thus a no-no in the court of public opinion.

Another example of this kind of nonsense is found in the link above.

Because the Hamas rockets do not do all “that much damage” and “only three Israelis have been killed” it’s argued that Israeli air strikes against Gaza that have killed 100 civilians is disproportionate and thus another no-no in the court of public opinion.

As a point aside Hamas hides behind civilians. When they die because the Hamas rocket launchers are near them Hamas gets to broadcast to the world Israeli “atrocities.”

By this screwy logic presumably Israel should let down their “Iron Dome” defenses and take a few more casualties so the death toll on both sides “is more fair.” Or, Israel should fire back the same kind of rockets that Hamas uses rather than use their fighter-bombers. That would be proportionate, would it not?

There might be sound military and political reasons to not occupy Gaza but this proportionate response argument is not one of them.

Let’s review.

Hamas, elected by the people of Gaza is sworn to the destruction of Israel (as is Iran and all the rest of the Islamic Fascists wherever they are found).

Note: However, Gaza was never enough for an organisation whose raison d’etre is the annihilation of Israel, and whose charter begins with the ominous warning that “Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it”. (Guardian, UK)

Hamas has fired thousands of rockets into Israel in order to provoke some sort of Israeli response knowing full well the western democracies  that support Israel’s right to defend itself do not mean that in the context of “doing whatever it takes to defend itself.”

Hamas now wants a ceasefire. Since when do these Islamic Fascists murderers ever want peace? They are sworn to Israel’s destruction. How do you negotiate with that?

By the way America, Hamas is akin to the people who killed our people in Libya.

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