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Fallschirmjager and a CV-35

I like to find the odd ball and lesser known unit and equipment types of the Second World War. I came across the second picture in an online German magazine. The man pointing is a German Fallschirmjager The caption reads Wehrmacht in Rome in 1943. When the Italians surrendered to the Allies in September of […]

Classic Bolt Action Rifle_Lee-Enfield

I have a number of WW2 rifles in a collection I inherited from my dad. Our goal was to collect one rifle from each belligerent but he passed away before we could collect them all. However, he did find some nice pieces. The first one I’ll highlight is the British Enfield. This rifle was the […]

Need Gift Ideas For That Special Someone ?

Originally posted on YouViewed/Editorial:
Gun Review: SIG Sauer M400 Rifle           ” With its Swiss-made 550 series, Schweizerische Industrie Gesellschaft (SIG) earned an impressive reputation for producing rifles used by a nation of riflemen. Now SIG Sauer makes the Model 556 and Model 551-A1 gas-piston operated rifles in Exeter, N.H.,…

Rare 1816 Musket

I took this picture at a restaurant\antique store in the Shenandoah Valley in September and promptly forgot what kind of guns they are with the exception of 1816 Springfield Musket. Magnification of the labels show the top gun as shotgun and the bottom gun as a fowling-piece. The shotgun and fowling-piece would have been used […]

Devil’s with Wings_Silk Drop_Book Review

One of the benefits of a long Thanksgiving weekend was staying up late to finish one of my many started books, this one off my Kindle app for iPad. I really have to get better at finishing one book before starting another! The book finished is Harvey Black’s Silk Drop, Book #2 in his Devils […]

Panzer Corp Turn 5

The situation on turn five. The French have fallen back from the frontier after taking heavy loses. They have regrouped and launched a serious counter-attack around Paris nearly over-running an exposed artillery unit. I counter-attacked the counter-attack and have attempted to slow their advance with 3 Luftwaffe air strikes. My offensive along the coast is […]

Panzer Corp Game

Teaching my son Panzer Corp. I think he buy it so we can PBM. However, we’re playing France 1940 and elected to be the French. I told him to learn to speak German. 🙂

Great blog from my friend J.G.

Air Superiority in Dollars and Common Sense

In 1940 the Germans were preparing for an invasion of Great Britain. France had been defeated, the British driven from the continent and all that remained was for Germany to cross the channel and finish the job. There was one problem. The problem was in the form of the RAF and the German’s inability, despite […]

The New Cold War – Iran and the West Collide » Armchair General

The New Cold War – Iran and the West Collide » Armchair General.