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Who has your back?

I’ve been stewing about this for a while now.

When a policeman requests back-up he gets it for the simple reason his or her life is at risk.

When your soldiers ask for help, you help them if you have the means for the same reason as a policeman in trouble. It’s not complicated. They are in a better position to judge what they need then a bunch of bureaucrats sitting on their duffs in Washington.

An ambassador’s job is not dissimilar to that of a soldier or policeman. If he asks for help, you help him if you have the means.

These elite Marines were dispatched to Libya after Stevens and the others deaths. Had the administration responded to the ambassador’s plea for help earlier it’s doubtful the cowardly terrorists would have attacked in the first place.

We have the means to protect our own embassies. They are called Marines.

So why wasn’t Ambassador Stevens sent help when he asked for help?

What we get from the administration instead of an explanation is jabs at Romney via Big Bird. What universe does the administration live in for Pete’s sake?

No wonder 2/3 of our military would like to see Obama fired. He is a Commander-in-Chief who has proven he will not have their backs when the chips are down.


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