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The Folly of Helping Salafists

Mitt Romney gave a speech at historic VMI (Virginia Military Institute) yesterday and a FB friend made the following comments:

–Hmmm… As much as I like Romney and his foreign policy mindset as outlined in his VMI speech today, he as much as guaranteed with his comments an American led war in Syria followed by a “Marshall Plan” style of nation building that gave us 9 years of American casualties in Iraq and 11+ in Afghanistan. How does this plan jive with his plan of real deficit and debt reduction? Will we be fighting along the Salafist al-Qaeda elements that have infiltrated from Lybia? History teaches us that man learns nothing from history. We played this game in Afghanistan in the 80’s vs. the Soviets. How’s that working out for us now?–

Romney’s full speech here.

Most of us do not know what a Salafist is but the connection to al-Qaeda should give us a clue.

Salafists are radical-jihadists, Islam o-facists if you will that are committed to worldwide sharia. They are a bigger deal in Europe, especially Germany now but as you can see from my friend’s comments we have to ask ourselves who the hec we think we are helping when various Arab countries unravel. The recent Libyan experience is a case in point and the corrupt Karazai regime in Afghanistan is another.

Salafist as a strict sect in Islam is probably an understatement.

Applying the Marshall Plan to countries controlled or heavily influenced by the Islam o-Fascists is pure folly.

Link to typical Salafist activity.

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