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Military History Now

Germany was a late bloomer among Europe’s imperial powers. After only attaining nation status in 1870, Bismarck’s newly unified Germany made up for its recent arrival on the world stage by snatching up overseas colonies as quickly as it could. In its relentless drive for what Kaiser Wilhelm II would later call Germany’s “place in the sun”, the burgeoning empire raced to secure territories throughout Africa, China as well as the Marianas, New Guinea, and the Caroline Islands.

But it was its pursuit of a foothold in the remote islands of Samoa that would nearly bring Germany to blows with another relative newcomer to the international community, the United States.

One of the more remote landfalls in the South Pacific, the pair of islands that make up Samoa share just over 2000 sq. kms between them. Despite its size and isolation, Samoa was not without its strategic value in the 19

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