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Originally posted on Military History Now:
German troops parade on Samoa. In 1889, the Kaiser’s forces stood eyeball to eyeball with the United States over control of these remote, yet strategically important islands. Germany was a late bloomer among Europe’s imperial powers. After only attaining nation status in 1870, Bismarck’s newly unified Germany made up for…

Columbus Day, Rant of the Day

So I missed the memo it was Columbus Day and went to the bank only to discover it was closed in honor of Christopher Columbus who blundered onto the new continent. So, I’m a little annoyed the bank is closed and then a little more annoyed because Chris didn’t “discover” America, the Vikings did. (not […]

The Folly of Helping Salafists

Mitt Romney gave a speech at historic VMI (Virginia Military Institute) yesterday and a FB friend made the following comments: –Hmmm… As much as I like Romney and his foreign policy mindset as outlined in his VMI speech today, he as much as guaranteed with his comments an American led war in Syria followed by […]