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Grune Teufel (Devils with Wings Book Review)

Below is a review I did for Amazon on a book titled Devils with Wings by Harvey Black. I do read some historical fiction but for the most part that’s limited to ancient Rome and Dark Ages themes so to step out and read a WW2 historical novel was just a little out my genre. […]

A Text without a Context is a Pretext

Years ago in Bible school I learned that a biblical text without a context was a pretext. A pretext is defined as a reason given in justification of a course of action that is not the real reason or more to the point, something that is put forward to conceal a true purpose or object; […]

Christians Rampage Over God’s Removal at the DNC, Not

A mob of angry Christians stormed the HQ of the Democrat Party in Charlotte, NC after the Democrats removed God from their platform and forgot that Jerusalem was the Capitol of Israel. A day later the same angry mob attacked the Federal Building in Charlotte killing a high-ranking official in the process. Oh no, wait […]

Originally posted on the Common Constitutionalist:
In artistic terms they were at polar opposites of the photographic spectrum. The wanton destruction and grim resilience of war is not a subject you would associate with high fashion glamor shots of the rich and beautiful. But when flamboyant photographer Cecil Beaton was enlisted during the Second World…

Sheepshead and Politics

Yeah, I’m interested in politics but really do not want my blog to be dominated by the subject. On the other hand, tis the season to be bombarded by politics so it’s hard not to comment on this or that with all that grist for the mill out there. Today I came across an interesting […]

And that’s the way I see it

I have about a 45 minute commute to and from my ministry. It’s nice in many ways and the drive is usually a pleasant one as I make my way¬† up the coast of Lake Michigan. It also gives me time to think and listen to the radio, usually conservative talk radio, unless I lose […]

Lite side Saturday with R. Lee Emery

I saw R. Lee Emery at the GOP convention on a news spot. He was talking about getting booted from Geico for his political views. I enjoyed the “namby-mamby land” Geico commercial featuring Emery and have enjoyed Emery in general over the years. Below is a lesser known spot he did for Coors Lite. It […]