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A Few Comments on Making Comments

Like many bloggers I screen comments before I approve them, or in some cases trash them. I’ve had to trash very few but when I do it’s because either the comments are rude, profane or otherwise not contributing anything useful. The other reason I’ll trash a comment is because I can’t figure out what the hec they are talking about or because the comment is non-nonsensical.

A case in point is one person who simply left me a series of letters. I have no clue what the letters meant and surmised it was some kind of cryptic signal from outer space.

My blog is titled Stuff that Interests Me and it means I write about things that interest me in an eclectic kind of way. But because religion and politics pops up on my blog most of the nasty or goofy comments come from those kinds of posts.

That’s too be expected since those topics can be hot button issues. I am willing to chat a bit on these topics but if the comment is goofy or rude or just plain hateful I won’t.

Recently, someone made a “goofy” comment regarding my posting with the title that Christians were rampaging in NC because the DNC dissed God and forgot that the Capital of Israel is Jerusalem.

Maybe it wasn’t all that clever but it was the device I used to illustrate a contrast between Christian outrage or the lack there of versus the most recent example of Muslim outrage.

Christians of all stripes get slammed pretty hard in my country yet Islam gets a pass. I really do not get this, nor do my liberal friends fully comprehend what sharia would mean to their good-natured selves should it arrive full force on our shores. I do not take Sharia lightly and anyone that does has their head in a very unpleasant place.

Photos of the Sunday, August 22, 2010 Park51 (...

Nothing funny about Sharia: Photos of the Sunday, August 22, 2010 Park51 (Cordoba House) protest. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But anyway, someone left me a comment about that post that said…a priest who makes fun of other religions.

Since that was all there was I trashed it.

First of all, I’m not a priest. I’m a Protestant minister and a political conservative. I have no idea what this person thinks a priest or minister is supposed to be like but clearly I do not meet his or her expectations. I can live with that, rather easily actually.

Second of all, having reread my post I was perplexed by what they meant by making fun of someone’s religion.

I most certainly was not making fun of anyone’s religion. I did make the remark that the rioting going on was perpetrated by Muslims. I added, yeah, the religion of peace.

That is not making fun of anyone’s religion. What it is, is a way of drawing a contrast between what we hear from the left-wing media and left-wing administration (Islam is a religion of peace) and what we experience from the jihadists (rioting, murder, car bombs, flying airplanes into buildings and so on).

This is not making fun of anyone’s religion. It is showing that some, perhaps many, in Islam either whole heartily approve of these behaviors or passively accept these behaviors as par for the course, being too afraid of the fanatics in their midst to raise a peep of protest.

I have yet to see a Muslim country expressing outrage at the jihadist’s  outrage. It does not happen. There is nary a peep. It has to make you wonder if we are being played for saps.

I fully realize there are plenty of peaceful Muslims, unfortunately, the other type have the guns and bombs and like to get on TV shouting Death to My Country. Nothing funny about that.

One comment on “A Few Comments on Making Comments

  1. “A Few Comments on Making Comments | Stuff
    That Interests Me” was in fact a very good blog post.
    If it owned much more pics this should be perhaps even better.
    All the best ,Jami

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